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Solving Patient Harm: A Vital Opportunity!

Master Strategies to Drastically Reduce Preventable
Patient Harm and Maximize Healthcare Value

Discover the Power of Over 30 Years of Nursing Expertise: Proven Techniques to Minimize Patient Harm, Sharpen Nurse Competency and Slash Healthcare Costs!

The Alarming Reality

The current state of nursing contributes to over 250,000 preventable patient deaths annually!

Crisis in Nursing Competency

Recent studies unveil alarming trends:

  • Only a fraction (<10%) of entry-level nurses meet safe, competent practice standards.
  • Nurses often miss critical signs of patient deterioration.
  • Key physiological changes often go unnoticed 6 – 24 hours before cardiac arrests.
  • 1 in 4 patients suffers preventable harm within the healthcare system.

The impact of underprepared nurses is staggering:

❌  Eroded public trust in healthcare institutions.

❌  15% of acute care budget consumed by preventable patient harm.

❌  Increased ICU admissions lead to reduced reimbursements.

❌  Missed nursing care prolongs patient hospital stays.

❌  Heightened risk of costly legal battles.

The Challenge for
Healthcare Organizations

The widening gap in nursing readiness not only endangers patient safety but also escalates the risk of legal action and severe disciplinary measures.


Lifebeat Solutions by Dr. Julie Siemers

Dr. Julie Siemers, a prominent Patient Safety Consultant and seasoned nurse educator renowned for her extensive research in healthcare practices, introduces an immersive training experience to combat these issues.

What Our Training Offers

  • Elevate Patient Safety:  Comprehensive nursing skills to prevent harm, ensuring superior patient care and safety.
  • Cut Healthcare Costs:  Tackle the 15% of organizational spending on managing unsafe patient care, significantly reducing expenses from preventable errors.
  • Boost Nursing Readiness: Transform novices into ‘practice-ready’ nurses, bridging the critical thinking gap. Our goal is to elevate care quality beyond the current 10% readiness rate for new nurses.
  • Prevent Missed Nursing Care:  Strategies for nurses to effectively balance workload and resources, decreasing missed care and its associated costs.
  • Protect Against Disciplinary Actions:  Embed essential patient monitoring and attentiveness into nursing practices.
  • Minimize Litigation Risks:  Proactive steps to safeguard your facility from lawsuits through enhanced nursing care and patient safety.

Take The Lead in
Enhancing Healthcare Delivery

Invest in a dynamic and interactive training program designed to reduce patient harm, preventable deaths, and realize significant cost-savings for your organization!

Get Ready to Transform Your Healthcare Practice!