Your Healthcare Consumer Rights

Healthcare consumer rights play a pivotal role in patient safety, ensuring individuals receive the care and respect they deserve within the healthcare system. These rights empower patients by granting them the autonomy to make informed decisions about their care, access their medical records, and receive transparent information about treatment options, risks, and costs.

The establishment of the “Patient Bill of Rights” in the 1970s by the American Hospital Association, was instituted to empower patients by clarifying their entitlements when receiving medical care. This foundational document encourages patients to actively participate in their healthcare decisions, ensuring that healthcare systems are responsive to their needs and providing a mechanism for addressing any concerns. 

It urges patients to take an active role in their care, emphasizing the significance of choosing the right healthcare provider who respects and collaborates with patients in their care plan.

The Patient Bill of Rights identifies the following important patient rights:

  • Select healthcare providers
  • Access understandable and accurate information
  • Receive respectful and non-discriminatory treatment
  • Emergency evaluation
  • Maintain confidentiality of health information.

Healthcare institutions are accountable for maintaining high standards of care, reducing medical errors, and improving overall patient satisfaction and outcomes.  The healthcare team and organizations are required to provide full disclosure to the patient and their family in the event of medical errors.  Itโ€™s an ethical obligation of healthcare providers to inform patients about any errors occurring during their care, despite whether harm has occurred.

Unfortunately, transparency and open communication from healthcare organizations and providers does not always happen.  Frequently, patients and their families do not learn of an adverse event unless the harm to the patient is significant and โ€œobviousโ€.  Full disclosure is a fundamental tenet to patient autonomy and informed decision-making.  Because we live in a litigious society, medical errors and adverse events may be hidden and not disclosed.

It is of critical importance that you become an informed healthcare consumer and understand your rights within the healthcare system.  With this knowledge, you become empowered and can exercise your patient rights when engaging with the healthcare team.  Patient engagement will encourage and support a more collaborative healthcare environment where patients and healthcare providers work together towards optimal health outcomes.

A partnership model between patients and healthcare providers, built on the pillars of respect, transparency, and shared decision-making, will enhance patient safety and care quality.  When patients become informed and can advocate for themselves and their loved ones, the partnership with healthcare providers and organizations contributes to transparency, improves patient safety, and decreases patient harm.

By emphasizing the importance of healthcare consumer rights, we can foster a safer, more patient-centered healthcare system that respects and upholds the dignity, autonomy, and well-being of every individual.

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